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Standard LPG Shower

Showers units are pressure treated outdoor timber with corrugated steel panels, the base is 38mm thick green treated deck boards. The shower is LPG gas-powered and is activated by water flow. The door has a shelf for toiletries and clothes hanging hooks with a shower rail and curtain to keep clothes dry while showering enabling the unit to be used as a changing room.

Toilet units are pressure treated outdoor timber with corrugated steel panels, the base is 38mm thick green treated deck boards. The Composting Loo has a unit splits solids and liquids. there is an access window at the back of the unit for easy cleaning.

They come in a choice of 7 colours or we can customise.

They come in 7 parts that we make off-site and you can install with a full instruction video. Or we can install, or we offer a delivery and installation service too.

The overall weight of each unit is 220kg


The Composting toilet is waterless and very green and eco friendly, perfect for remote, off-grid sites.

However, its more hands on and not very everyone or high usage, for a small family unit or for single tents and units they are perfect.

Our loos work by separating the liquid from the solid, which allows aerobic bacteria to break down the waste.

There is a urine separator for liquids, and a bucket for solids, which should first be lined with a biodegradable composting material and some sawdust or other covering material like rape chippings. It can only be used by used sitting down (this does include men) or else the urine separator won't work. (the good news is for ladies as the seat is always down. Plus, no splashes)

The solids are collected in the bucket. The airflow, separation of urine and application of sawdust after each deposit will help the contents dry out and reduce odours. We give you two buckets and then it’s a simple process of taking one and cleaning one. We have made a door in the back of the unit for simple cleaning.

The separated urine exits behind or below the loo via a runoff pipe. You will need to install a suitable soak away, or maybe a holding tank for this, for low use a simple soak-away is perfect

The solids will need to be composted in a suitable heap away from the area and clients, it's not the best job, but not as bad as you think as the covering material does dry out the poop and take away the odours. It will be part of your daily cleaning regime and it can take 10 seconds to do.

After several years the compost will be good enough for shrubs and the garden, but not crops for food.

We suggest a composting loo is suitable for 10 people for a weekend. Not good for large campsites or festivals and we suggest another solution or a normal flushing loo with drains or holding tanks. These loos are perfect for them pitch-exclusive set ups where one unit gets the soul use of the Loo.

If this all sounds a bit scary then please do get in touch still as there are other options available

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