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Our trained craftsmen are dedicated to building the best glamping toilets and shower units for your glampsite, campsite or event space



Our glamping toilet and glamping shower unit designers will work with you to achieve a design that works for your campsite. With vast experience in running glamping businesses, we are able to help make your dream project a reality.

Lots of experince and years in the glamping business to help you with your dream project


Our Glamping Toilet and Shower Units

Please see our collection of luxury campsite toilets and campsite showers we have designed and built for campsite owners and outdoor events

Standard Shower and Toilet  From £1550



As a glamping site owner and tent supplier to glamping sites, the issue we hear comes up again and again is ‘it’s so hard to find toilets and showers for campsites’. Therefore, we teamed up with some creative craftsmen and have created an affordable campsite facilities solution. If you are a campsite owner, then your facilities are of utmost importance and should reflect the high standards your site offers. Our standard range of glamping toilets and shower units, and our ensuite campsite units, are designed to endure the harsh British weather and are of the highest quality in terms of design. However, we are also able to offer bespoke toilet and shower facilities for campsites in the UK. Get in touch for more information including glamping toilets and glamping shower costs, to find out more about our bespoke shower and toilet campsite solutions, and to order. 

We can make both on and off-grid solutions so we supply full flushing toilets for the same price as our compositing loo

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